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The CAFOD Group has these objectives:

To help our parishioners have a greater understanding about the people in the various parts of the world where CAFOD and its partners work to relieve poverty and provide aid and assistance when disasters occur. This will include peoples’ way of life, what they depend on and their concerns and hopes for the future.

 To ask parishioners to provide financial support for the work of CAFOD and its partners. This will include parish collections at the Lent and Harvest Fast Days, as well as events and other projects.

 To ask parishioners to participate in CAFOD’s campaigns which seek, inter alia:

 o   To remove the causes of poverty, such as abusive working terms and conditions, and man-made constraints on peoples’ ability to earn a living, such as EU and US subsidies which deprive people in the southern hemisphere of the ability to compete.

 o   To ask the wealthy countries in the world to provide finance to meet basic human needs, such as water and sanitation, where the worldwide problem requires much more money than individuals could donate, as well as political will to solve it.

 o   To ask governments to come forward with solutions to solve other issues which only they can deal with, such as the effects of climate change which are presently having a severe impact on people in developing countries.

 o   To seek support, both financial and skills transfers, to enable people in developing countries to start and manage their own small business so that they can work their way out of poverty.

 All of these objectives are deeply rooted in our Catholic faith – see the web site of the Church’s Social Teaching at www.catholicsocialteaching.org.uk

Parish CAFOD representative: Bernard White     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Newsletter August 2012


During our meetings we have discussed Cafod’s scheme: Connect2. It aims to create solidarity across the world by connecting parishes with a community in a developing country, enabling us to learn about the peoples’ lifestyles, hopes, dreams and challenges as they develop and progress, as well as providing some financial help. We can also offer encouragement and support and share something of ourselves and our community, and directly hear how Cafod’s partner charities are helping those individuals.

The communities we were able to chose from were in; Cambodia, Brazil, Bangladesh, El Salvador and Rwanda. Each of these communities have a different story, ranging from requiring support and counselling for genocide victims to educating people how to minimise the effects of natural disasters where these are unavoidable.

Our parish Cafod group has decided to join the Connect 2 programme enabling members of our parish to communicate with a community. As a Cafod group we chosen to connect with the community of Puentecitos in El Salvador to support. In Puentecitos a quarter of children under 5 suffer from malnutrition and three out of four houses are made of mud bricks with no real floor, and have no access to clean water and electricity.

Nevertheless, individuals in the community are striving to achieve great things. Over the next 3 years as a parish we can connect with this community, hear their stories and learn how Cafod with the help of its partner, the Jesuit Development Service, is helping this community.

At the masses on 8 and 9 September, we will tell you more about Puentecitos and Connect 2, and invite you to the launch of the Connect2 scheme into the parish in the school hall on 14 September after evening mass at St Joseph’s. We will provide more information about what it entails together with Fairtrade refreshments for us all to enjoy.

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